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Leadership, The Art of Building Trust

We have all learned much from Toyota and Lean with respect to how each person in the organization has a problem solving role and contributes to continuously improving their work. What is harder to comprehend is how to change the culture of the organization in order to create the expectation and energy to create this problem solving approach. Today, there is much research on how organizational trust is required to create a problem solving culture. Real problems need to be exposed without fear. Being able to share different perspectives while driving towards solutions to problems requires a more trusting leadership model.

This workshop includes some of the recent research on building trust in addition to learning how to create a trusting connection with others in your company.

What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding the biological mechanisms of building trust
  • Understanding why trust is required to build a problem solving culture
  • Learn how to overcome the habits that diminish trust
  • How to recognize three levels of communication
  • How to practice with small groups to work on real problems

Who Should Attend? 

  • Leaders and Managers who are interested in making a profound change in performance for their organizations
  • Leaders and Managers who want to understand how to apply these leadership principles within their organizations
  • Managers with experience in lean transformations who have found it difficult to achieve the benefits of Lean

This workshop is created and instructed by LTG Partner, Jim Luckman

Significantly improving your
operational performance.

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