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A Call to Action for Leaders: Now is the Time To Trust Continuous Improvement Leaders & Lean Practitioners

Covid-19 may very well be the biggest socio-economic challenge of our lifetimes. The challenges facing all organizations in these uncharted territories are great, and organizations need all the help that they can get. As a methodology for systematic problem solving and strategy development, we know that lean thinking and practice can help.

In the 24 years since the lean thinking movement was started by James P. Womack, founder of The Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI), an incredible number of people have been trained by LEI and others to apply lean thinking to a range of problems. Lean Transformations Group partners, during that same period, have engaged with numerous organizations as thought partners and coaches. We have seen lean thinking help teams solve problems in almost every industry and service sector, every part of society, and most parts of the world. From the United States to Asia, the US judicial system to major hospitals, to manufacturing to product development to NGOs and supply chain logistics, the scope of new knowledge (and new capability) that the lean thinking movement has created is truly remarkable. Over and over again, we have seen lean practitioners, at all levels, help their organizations achieve extraordinary successes.

To leadership of organizations:

You have a tremendous opportunity right now to use lean thinking and practice to navigate this time we’re in. One of your best assets is your team of people who have been train in value stream improvement, problem solving, process redesign, visual management, A-3 thinking, root cause analysis, process flow, demand leveling, and more. Whatever way you are able to do it, tap the knowledge of these people. Find a way to use this resource because I know these people would love to be at the table where you make your next decisions.

To lean thinkers at all levels:

You can help! If you are already being pulled into high-level problem-solving discussions, great. This is your time to make a difference! If you are not yet in these discussions, do not wait any longer. Your skills are needed right now, whether people can see it or not. Find a way to get the decision-making table. If you need help with a strategy to get the attention of your leaders, please reach out.

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