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Leadership & Executive Coaching

Trust is key to building a fully empowered organization. The level of trust among people is determined by the types of conversations they have. Understanding how to observe these communications and assess how they either build or diminish trust is an important part of building capabilities for success in your organization. Learning and practicing coaching capabilities with the focus on building trust is a skill that needs to be developed and practiced.

The LTG approach to coaching

LTG works side-by-side with managers and leaders as they are interacting with their organization.

  1. Managers and leaders become aware of their communication style and understand both their level of respect for the subordinate and their trust in deploying problem responsibility.
  2. Managers and leaders learn how to ask humble, open-ended questions.
  3. Employees feel the safety needed to fully embrace challenges with the support of their leader.

What makes our approach different?

Typical coaching models focus on correction of the employee. Coaching for correction requires the coach to observe, judge, and then communicate the corrective action to the employee. The LTG approach is coaching for development, which requires the employee to do the problem-solving thinking, with support from the coach to gently guide the employee through the problem-solving process. Through this process the employee feels respect and trust from the coach so that he/she can address the problem-solving challenge.

Significantly improving your
operational performance.

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