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Strategy Development and Deployment

The common model for selecting organizational strategies, deploying these strategies to the right person/place, and then following-up on the execution of these strategies has some fundamental flaws that need to be addressed. We have noticed many companies do not have a robust process in place to select, deploy and then execute their strategic plans. LTG works with companies at correcting the process so that the strategic initiatives become focused and real progress can be realized.

Often, strategic priorities are selected without clear identification of the problem to be solved. As a result, there are too many objectives, they are not well defined, and there is significant overlap causing confusion and overburdening the resources. Often the strategic objectives are too aggressive and cannot be achieved in a reasonable timeframe. The process for execution is not based on organizational learning and real progress is not achieved.

The LTG approach to strategy development and deployment

We work side-by-side with leaders to redefine the process from a “Manage by Objectives” approach to a “Problem-Solving Deployment” approach.

  1. LTG helps leaders become aware of how to define the critical business problems to address.
  2. After defining these problems, we help leaders select and deploy problem responsibility to the owners of the value streams where the problems exist.
  3. Then, we show leaders how to engage the organization to implement change through a learning and continuous improvement mode to solve the problems and achieve significantly higher performance.

Through this process, the leaders create an environment of fundamental trust that enables the employees to expose and address the problems they own.

Through an LTG model of Strategy Development and Deployment, the organization will learn how to manage their business through robust problem-solving processes. The execution of strategic initiatives will be energetic and fully embraced and connected to achieve excellence in providing the organization’s products and services to customers.

Significantly improving your
operational performance.

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