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Leadership Development

Why does leadership matter? Do leaders need to change? Why can’t leaders simply hire experts to lead a cultural transformation? Is the world we live in today demanding a different model of leadership?

All organizations are experiencing unprecedented rapid and unexpected change. There are new competitors emerging worldwide, customer demands are increasing at exponential rates, new technologies are dismantling exiting products and services, and new employee’s expectations are creating additional business uncertainties. Leaders need to explore their current assumptions about their leadership philosophy and how their behaviors are addressing the current problems in this fast-paced world.

The LTG approach to leadership development

We work side-by-side with leaders to co-create new leadership thinking and behaviors that make the organization “come alive.” LTG helps leaders become aware of the existing cultural assumptions that limit the organization from becoming a high performance entity. We work with leaders at creating an environment of fundamental trust that enables the employees to expose and address the problems they own. We help leaders focus on the few and critical problems that are high leverage and begin the process of building the basic capabilities needed to develop excellence.

There are 4 practice areas for leaders:

  • Developing the art/practice of PDCA problem solving and engaging the organization in continuous improvement
  • Developing the art/practice of developing improved value streams and focusing on the means to achieve business results
  • Developing the art/practice of modeling safe and trusting relationships in order to create an energetic culture of proactive and effective problem solvers
  • Developing the art/practice of making culture change through an organic and adaptive model of the organization which maximizes total employee capabilities in solving problems

Through an LTG model of working with leaders focused on the 4 arts/practices and coaching for development, we have seen remarkable changes in cultural awareness of their problem situation. We have had employees ask “What have you done to my leader? He/she is now listening to me and trying to understand what is happening.” We have seen more enthusiastic engagement with people solving the critical and important problems.

Significantly improving your
operational performance.

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