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The Cold Hard Facts About Leadership

Each person in your organization has a different definition of Leadership depending on their basic assumptions, experiences, and practices. Your organizational culture is a complex mix of influences from each employee, but is significantly driven by Leadership expectations and behaviors. Some people will adjust quickly to the culture but others will resist, operate under the radar, or simply complain.

This workshop examines the basic assumptions of organizations in general and specifically you own cultural assumptions. Leaders will learn the top three leadership characteristics that can lead to a proactive and fast reacting company. Since our behaviors are habits, you will learn how to begin practicing the leader characteristic to move the organization toward a culture of problem solvers.

What Will You Learn?

  • 5 common unquestioned assumptions in companies
  • How your company can benefit by incrementally changing your assumptions
  • How to apply leadership characteristics that make a difference
  • How to select high leverage problems to begin practicing new leadership characteristics
  • How to create a Leadership Practice plan to begin the process of building a learning organization to maximize performance improvement

Who Should Attend? 

  • Leaders and Managers who are interested in making a profound change in performance for their organizations
  • Leaders and Managers who want to understand how to apply these leadership principles within their organizations
  • Managers with experience in lean transformations who have found it difficult to achieve the benefits of Lean

This workshop is created and instructed by LTG Partner, Jim Luckman

Significantly improving your
operational performance.

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