Lean Transformations Group

Creating Sustainable Continuous Improvement at the Base of the Organization

This is a two day workshop that is designed to teach your front line supervisors and employees how to work together to solve problems and improve processes.

An onsite visit to understand the current state of your operations and a 1 hour introduction to the lean process for the management team is included 2 to 4 weeks prior to the scheduled workshop. During this pre-workshop meeting we will reach an understanding of the business problem that the organization is working on and why it is important to solve.

The 2 day onsite workshop is comprised of a presentation of concepts, hands on learning through simulations, and learning by addressing real problems in the workplace. This workshop is designed to accommodate up to 20 participants. The organization should expect the teams in the workshop to begin to solve problems in workflow during the two days.


This training is created and facilitated by LTG Partner, Karl O'Haus.

Significantly improving your
operational performance.

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