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Scoping and Chartering a Value Stream Improvement Project

1-Day Workshop

By now, many organizations have experimented with value-stream mapping as a way to improve process performance only to see their efforts founder or fail. In such cases poor results can often be linked to two common mistakes in planning for such projects:

  1. Failure to select a value stream that directly impacts organizational performance;
  2. Failure to engage all levels of the organization in defining the project and improved performance to be achieved.

This workshop provides participants with hands on experience in selecting VSI projects with high impact potential and ensures a direct linkage between purpose, processes, problems and people throughout the life of the project:

  • Purpose - the reason the organization, function, or work unit exists and the value it creates for its customers (internal or external)
  • Processes - the primary and support value stream(s) by which this value is created and delivered
  • Problems - the gaps in performance delivery that impede the organization, function or work unit’s ability to achieve its purpose
  • People - the key individuals who need to be engaged in defining the performance gaps, understanding their causes and identifying ways to address the causes and close the gaps 

The workshop is available in two different versions.  The first, intended for performance improvement facilitators, teaches the scoping and chartering methodology through sample case studies.  Participants learn to apply pre-scoping and scoping methodology to select a value stream for improvement and complete a Value Proposition document to charter the improvement effort for their selected case study. 

The second version, intended for managers and leaders who have responsibility for improving organizational performance through value-steam improvement, engages participants in value-stream selection and project chartering for one or more actual values streams for which they have responsibility.

This workshop is instructed by LTG Partner, Tom Shuker.

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